25 thoughts on “mamaclok does injections! What!? YES!!!

  1. The dosing number on the syringe itself depends on how many ml’s of bac. water you add to the hcg. The recipe also depends on how many iu’s of hcg you are mixing with. The mixing instructions I used can be found on my website.

  2. I thought when you dose 25 units on the syringe, you are getting 250 IU per day. I mean, that’s what I was told by my doctor, and from what I saw on other ppls youtube. If you want to do 125 IU per day, then wouldn’t it be on the .12 and a half on the needle?

  3. hello, hope i’m doing this right, new at this &-P, Sooo I guess you’ve done the hcg both ways, sub-lingual plus shots, what do you think? did one way work better than the other? i’d appreciate ur input, thanks.

  4. Yes-when u add 10ml of bac water to the 5000 iu…you dose 25 units on your diabetic syringe to get 125 iu’s per day. To see further dosing directions..visit my site’s FAQ page and click on the link on how to mix for injections. hcgdietmart (dot) com.

  5. I will be trying the injections for the first time so I guess 125 to 150iu a day, but I was seeing everyone do 10 ml of water with 5000 ius for 125ius, so im kind of confused

  6. Hi there-I thought you said that you sell the HCG on your website..But your website refers to the Escrow pharmacy..I really would like to get it ASAP & it takes 3-4 weeks through the online pharmacy-Do ou have any that you would be willing to sell to me? Ive dont the HCG injections twice before, but realized the place Ive been buying from is ripping me off!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  7. Hi All, Today is my 8th day on the diet and I have lost 7.2lbs. Everyone’s information has been very helpful for me. I’ve probably watched everyone’s videos and taken tips from them all. I’m taking the sublingual drops of HCG. Thanks again! @ Danny Dakeri I ordered from HCG Diet Direct.

  8. I have watched the video and it was funny when you started counting my husband was counting along lol. But I just wasnt sure if I could make it sublingual or not so thanks for the help. :D

  9. I have watched the video and it’s very funny when you start counting my husband was counting along lol. But I just wasn’t sure if I could make it sublingual so thanks for the help. :D

  10. You need to watch my HOW TO MIX HCG FOR SUBLINGUAL USE. Since you got the 10000 iu size of hcg, you can just double the recipe I give on that video (add 30ml of liquid-b12 + silver) and it will last u 30 days when dosing 1/2 ml. twice a day.

  11. I have a few questions about the injection hcg. First of all it is the 10000 IU Ovunal and I didn’t know when I ordered it, it was the injection kind. So I’m wondering how to mix it because it came with sodium chloride. Also I would like to know do I still mix it with colloidal silver and B12 or not? And if at all possible can I still make it into a sub-lingual mixture? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  12. Hello..
    Well first of all ..I want to say that ive watched a few of your videos and they have made me want to look more into HCG and maybe starting this diet. I would like to know though…what are the best sites to go to so that i know how much HCG to take, and does that depend on how much weight i want to lose?

    Thnks in advance and congrats on your success.

  13. well first I will love to say you are very informative about the HCG diet I am thinking about trying this diet I hve I have 80lbs i want to lose what do u recommend I try injections or sublingual!! (also I just subscribed to your channel dnt hve a pg but you is so inspiring I just started an account ) God bless

  14. I have been looking for info to help me to understand….what is a phase, and how long does each phase last? where can i get a good cook book…i just started and i am on day
    6…is this considered phase one? HELP!

  15. I have heard hcg might be more expensive in the US…but I would imagine any pharmacy can order it in for you if you have the prescription for it.

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